Majestic Neighborhood Cinema Grill FAQs


Can I buy seats at your cinema or only online?

Because guests reserve their Majestic seats based on personal preferences - theater row, recliner or rocker, center or aisle - we strongly recommend reserving your seats in advance to have the best selection. However, our lobby concierge can always help you select your seat when you arrive to Majestic.

Is there a convenience fee to reserve seats online?

Because online seat reservations provide our guests with the best selection, there is a $1.25 convenience fee per ticket. We’re proud to offer the Valley’s lowest online convenience fee of any movie theater.

What time should I arrive for my film?

Plan to arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes before showtime to find your seat, get comfortable, review our menu and order from your server. As part of our “good movie manners” policies, once the lights go down, no late arrivals are allowed.

Am I allowed to use my smart phone during a film?

At Majestic, we practice good movie manners. Once the lights go down, we ask guests to turn off cell phones and voices.

What should I do if a guest is using a phone or being loud or disruptive?

If a nearby guest is disruptive in your auditorium, please raise an order card for assistance from your server.

Do you have traditional concessions?

Majestic is your neighborhood cinema grill. While we feature all the traditional movie snacks you love, like popcorn, soda, candy and Icee, we also offer a complete bar and grill menu with culinary creations exclusive to Majestic. You’ll have a server assigned to your seat, and every menu item you order is brought directly to you during your film. Never miss another movie minute!

How does Service at Your Seat work?

When you arrive to Majestic, you’ll be directed to the auditorium for your film. Find your row and seat number, and settle in for your movie. One of our servers will greet you and take your food and drink order. 
Allow your server to keep your credit card on file during your visit to reduce interruptions during your film. If you need a refill or wish to place a new order, raise an order card to get the attention of your  server. We’ll come to you, so you never miss another movie minute! 
Want to eat before or after the show, or have a meal without a movie? Our full menu is always available at the lobby bar. No ticket required!

How old do I have to be to attend a film at Majestic?

Our All Ages showtimes are designed for our youngest guests, so entire families can enjoy the magic of movies at Majestic. Please limit chatter (when possible) and respect your fellow guests.
For showtimes before 6 pm not designated as All Ages, guests must be 4 years and older. Showtimes after 6 pm are reserved for guests 6 years and older.

How old do I have to be to attend an evening showtime at Majestic?

Showtimes after 6 pm are reserved for guests 6 years and older.

How old do I have to be to attend a film at Majestic without an adult?

We welcome teenage guests to enjoy movies at Majestic. Guests 13 and older may attend without an adult, though only guests 17 and older will be allowed in R-rated features.

Can I rent a theater for a private event or meeting?

YES! We rent our theaters to groups, businesses and community organizations. Interested in creating your own red-carpet premiere? Want to host a corporate meeting with visual impact? From birthday parties to conferences, YOU DREAM IT, WE DO IT! Click here to learn more.

Can I advertise at your cinema grill?

YES! Our cinema screens and other areas of our venues feature advertising from local businesses and community organizations. Learn more about our in-cinema advertising program here.